New England TMS


"I am in a much better place now than when I began. Thank you to a great team of people to work with! " -Brian (Maine)

 "I have had such a great experience with New England TMS. When I came on the first day, I was nervous and had a lot of questions which the team was able to answer and put me at ease. They made sure I was comfortable with the settings on the TMS machine and the rate at which I progressed to a therapeutic level. Each time I came I felt like it was a nurturing environment. I look forward to coming to my appointment, and I can't say enough about the team, they make it a great experience." -Mary (Massachusetts)

 "When I came to New England TMS, I wasn't just a little depressed. I had suffered a severe depressive episode that had been bad enough to require hospitalization. TMS gave me my life back. After about three weeks my family started to notice a difference. I too was noticing that my cognitive function was improving and my ability to focus had improved as well. At four weeks, my mood had improved to where not only did I want to live, I was actually happy. I hadn't felt that way for a very long time. I can't say enough about the dedication of Dr. Ablow and his staff. They made it so nurturing and restorative that I looked forward to coming to my appointments." -Sharon (New Hampshire)